Best tips when buying a microwave

Not many people know what to look for when they are buying a microwave. Well, when buying a microwave size matters. Before purchasing one, look at the size of your kitchen and how you are planning to use it. If you have a big family go a for larger microwave whereas if you have a smaller family then go for a smaller microwave. The small microwaves can be great for apartments. If your kitchen space is small, you will have to go for a smaller one as well.

What to look for


There are certain features that you ought to look for when buying a microwave. Some of the features that you can look for include the programmed setting that is used to warm up the snacks and the automatic defrost feature. Another great feature is the sensors that are used to calculate the cooking time based on the steam that is emitted by the food. You can also visualize your favorite food in the turntable and see whether it fits perfectly. If the dish is too wide, you may look for larger equipment or a feature that lets you shut the door but also allows for the cooking. Also, look for a microwave that is user-friendly. Invest in one that has large icons and buttons.

The wattage

The wattage that you will require when cooking is another important feature to consider. For home use, a 1,000-watt microwave will not only cook your food well but also warm it efficiently. Microwaves that have less than 700 watts are usually slow in their operation and do not evenly cook the food. What you need to note is that microwaves with higher wattage will cook faster and evenly than those with lower wattage.

Ideal model

The microwaves come in various models. If you have a family, then it will be ideal that you go for a model that is best for families. Microwaves that have the preprogrammed settings are perfect for the family; You can make hay of snacks like soup and popcorns thanks to this feature. One advantage of the preprogrammed feature is that you can quickly illustrate to a child or an adult. It is advisable to monitor the children when they are using this device.

Replacement and repair of microwaves


The microwaves have a life span of one decade. However, if your apparatus is operating after ten years then continue using it. In the event, it becomes faulty ensure that you take it to authorized personnel. Do not throw its warranty away because you may need it,