Advantages of taking your child to a Wansworth preschool

Preschool is an important stage for children of 3 – 4 years. It provides a preparation stage before going to the actual elementary school. Many people argue that nursery school is not necessary, but this is not true. As a parent at home, you are not able to offer your child the skills that they can get from nursery schools. Some skills can only be acquired from a nursery school setting. Skills like socialization and interaction can be only obtained from going to school. If you have been thinking about skipping the nursery school, then it is time to rethink the issue.

Why take your child to preschool

Preparation for elementary school

Trying to take your child directly to elementary school without first taking them to preschool can be disastrous. It is important for your child first to learn the basics at preschool. Just like the name suggests, the role of preschool is to prepare. The preparation is not regarding learning alone. There are a lot of dynamics involved in the preparation stage. For instance, the child gets to learn about discipline and the need to follow routines. The school is all about routine and if it should be learned at an early stage.


Basic literacy skills

By the time the child goes to elementary school, they should have basic literacy skills. Some of the skills include reading numbers and letters as well as writing them. Based on the learning needs, the right time to learn these skills at nursery school. If you postpone the learning to elementary school, then it becomes too late for them to learn the skills. By taking your child to nursery school, they will have all the knowledge needed for elementary school.


Learn people skills

Your child needs to know how to interact with other people before they officially start school. In a normal home environment, they only interact with the family members, and this is not enough socialization. You child need to learn how to make friends, how to communicate and also how to share with other kids. In a preschool setting, there is a lot of interaction during classwork and even when playing. These are important skills that your child needs to learn to help in future levels of education.…