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FAQs About Hiring Private Chartered Jets

What does chartering a jet mean? Chartering a private jet is making a travel arrangement when the entire flight belongs to the individual or group that has booked it. Unlike a commercial flight where a seat is purchased on a flight with fixed timings, charter flights los angeles are scheduled as per the client.

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Private aircraft are subjected to the same high standards of checks as any scheduled carrier. The stringent checks in place ensure passenger safety. The crew on board often has thousands or hours of experience under their belt.

How much does a charter flight cost?

A lot of factors determine the cost of a chartered flight. The duration of the flight, number of passengers, destination, fuel cost, weather, scheduling, all impacts the price that the client has to pay. A chartered flight can require some significant amount, but it is usually worth it depending on the package you subscribe to.

How much is advance does a flight have to be booked?

This depends on the flight route and the availability of an aircraft. In some instances, the travel arrangements can be instantaneous whereas in others it might take considerably long.

Where do I have to go once I reach the airport?

On booking your flight, the charter service provider will give all details of the same to you. The details will vary from airport to airport. Many aircraft companies will have personnel who will guide you through the whole process on the ground from the moment you enter the airport.

Are pets allowed on board?

Chartered flights are the easiest way to transport pets. Most companies providing the service allow you to bring animals on the trip with you. The client may be charged a cleaning fee, and this will depend entirely on the service provider.

qwddxfvszdfvbqwHow much luggage can I take?

The permissible limit of luggage is dependent on the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers. It is advisable to discuss your baggage requirements with the carrier at the time of booking.

Will WIFI services be available?

Some aircraft are Wifi enabled while others do not have this facility. If Wifi is important, then be sure to mention the same to the company proving the chartered flight.

Can travel plans to changed post booking?

One of the key advantages of flying privately is the flexibility factor. Private charter companies accommodate changes in travel plans. The changes need to be informed and discussed to ensure smooth functioning.…